Feature Film

by  Willi Haninger

As we are nearing the completion of the first draft of our feature film “THE FALL OF MEN”( set in VITRO world), we have prepared a production flyer for our marketplace presentation:

Vitro front_printVitro back_print




VITRO Teaser

by  Willi Haninger




Color is final!

by  Willi Haninger

We’ve finished color grading the Teaser, now we can finally move on to VFX.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-01-11 um 05.07.03 Bildschirmfoto 2014-01-11 um 05.09.03 Bildschirmfoto 2014-01-11 um 05.08.06




Environment Artwork

by  Willi Haninger

As we are close to finishing the new presentation materials for the pitch, Concept-Designer Klaus Scherwinski was kind enough to build two new environment artworks for us.
Here you can see part of the capital city, with the snow-covered home island of our main characters in the background.




Airship Concept Art

by  Willi Haninger

Concept Art plays a vital role for pitching a TV series or movie. We have the unique opportunity to work with Klaus Scherwinski, a lead concept designer mainly working for the game developer Crytek. Here’s an Airship design for a vessel carrying government officials in the world of VITRO:






More color!

by  Willi Haninger

Color grading of our proof-of-concept clip is commencing as you can see by the  preview shot below.


For the Tekkies amongst you: We shot the clip with a RED Scarlet @4k and are now grading it on a DaVinci 9 System.




Round one: German PSBs

by  Willi Haninger

Due to the fact that everyone in the creative team behind the VITRO concept is german AND currently living in Berlin, it was obvious to us that we wanted to try and pitch our idea to a german broadcaster. Although the german-speaking TV market is not very fantasy/scifi friedly, at least in it’s own productions, we gave it a shot.
After some research into how broadcasters were developing their productions and what the budgets and business practices were it became clear that the only option for us were the public-service
 broadcasters (PSBs). In particular ARTE, which is owned by german and french public broadcasters. This has the advantage of being able to pitch to a number of TV stations, when talking to the people at ARTE. And we did. And to make a long story short: we never made it past the first round. Why? The short version is that they thought that our concept, while original, was too “commercial” and more importantly written for a genre that the public broadcasters “had no experience in”. The same thing happened when we talked to the austrian ORF which was also experiencing massive budget cuts to the fictional sector this year.

Granted, it was not a big surprise to find that public stations had a hard time doing something that was outside their usual programming. While disappointing, this confirmed our opinion that our TV series would have to be an international production of a commercial broadcaster.

So now we are refining our concept and going international. Let the journey begin!





Maja Interview

by  Willi Haninger

Film Blogger Malcolm is interviewing Maja, the actress behind the main character of VITRO.





New Logo+Poster Design

by  Willi Haninger





Behind the story

by  Willi Haninger

Director/Writer Juliane Block is here to talk to us about how the VITRO story was shaped and will continue to change and shift until its final draft: